Global crises – Local responses



Cohésion sociale, Développement rural, Europe - mix, Innovation, Société

In times of crisis, such as the recent one triggered by coronavirus, community-led smart initiatives become ever more important. Local communities need innovative and inspiring solutions to help overcome challenges faced by rural areas, and are sources of innovation themselves. Smart initiatives supported by local communities range from innovative economic/business support, through e-services (e.g. in education and health) to environmentally-friendly eco-villages.

The session will be introduced by a panel session with representatives of four organising stakeholder networks (the Smart Village Network, ECOLISE, the Finnish Village Movement and ELARD), followed by presentations of inspiring grassroots examples. The session will conclude with an interactive session enabling participants to discuss specific themes.

Edina Ocsko, Director/ Coordinator, E40 Group / Smart Rural 21 project, Hungary.

Géza Gelencsér, Coordinator, Koppanyvolgy Naturpark, Hungary.
Kirsi Oesch, Project Coordinator, Kukkia village, Finland.
Davie Philip, Co-founder, Cultivate, Ireland.