Rural people in their work and activities !



Estonian Rural Network and Estonian Public Broadcasting
Développement rural, territorial, Lien urbain-rural
Publication externe
bonnes pratiques, good practices, Rural Development Program
  • Overview of video-clips from 2008, 2010, 2011 about the projects received support from Estonian Rural Development Plan 2007-2013.

    - Making linen cloth in Avinurme : how linen was made in the ancient times ! Presenting modern linen clothes.
    - Rouge bout rally : A story about youth activities in Rouge. A funny boat race using a self-made boats. The interview with representatives of LAG Vorumaa Partnership Assembly.
    - Karksi krossirada : Karksi village local initiative. Motorcycle training at a very early age, gives better results ! Little cyclists in the track.
    - Johvi Skydiving club : Skydiving is also possible in a wheelchair. Joy of flying over the North-Estonian coastline.
    - Varbla worms : Earthworms produce a fertile bio-humus. Old farmbuildings used for the production. Innovative way of enterpreneurship.
    - Activities of seto kingdom : Setomaa is area of distinctive culture in South-Eastern Estonia. In recent years, increased the number of those who try to keep the Seto culture alive.