Rural best 2010 - Swedish Rural Network



The Swedish Rural Network
Développement rural, territorial, Lien urbain-rural
Publication externe
Bonne pratique, Plan de Développement rural
  • Good examples of Rural Development in Sweden.

    Content :
    - In Jamton, old people can live at home for longer
    - Food cluster with cooperation from soil to table
    - Tourism companies receive training for eco-labelling
    - A room with a view on Hallo
    - Farmers increasing housing opportunities
    - Environmentally friendly garden grows with the help of company support
    - Delicacies produced from happy free-range pigs
    - Environmentally friendly guesthouse built by old mill
    - All of Bergslagen for children with a single click
    - Together, Rostanga will be stronger
    - Living Fiords bring life to coastal villages
    - "Now I am lloking after others myself"
    - "Gallejaur is the finest thing there is in Norrbotten"
    - Famers save the Baltic Sea
    - Climate-friendly milk in the right format sells in shops
    - Smart style of driving spares the envirnment
    - Knowledge among refugees utilised in traditional farming
    - Halal food made the depopulating village grow
    - Paint workshop expanded and employed immigrants
    - Wanted : Suburban entrepreneurs for the rural areas
    - Women can now sail their own boats
    - Queenia made women brave the challenge
    - Women beekeepers strenghtened through regional meetings
    - The horse sector is improved through training courses
    - Sheep farm in Kullabygden invested in a farm shop
    - Sixten sees commited and proud young people
    - Young woman's company got support to grow
    - Agricultural students give a lift to the countryside